Janam Sakhi "Shri Hazoor Maharaj Kille Wale Ji Ki"
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The Prophecy - Kila Suba sing was a place to which zila Gujranwala and zila Shekhupura were adjoining. In the year 1857 as Satgur Shri Ram Singh ji was returning from Hazro Sahib, after taking the Guru Gaddi from Shri Balak Singh Ji, stopped at Baba Jameet Singh Ji’s(Gilli Wale) place. As the days passed Guru Shri Ram Singh Ji spoke that “although the gift of Guru Padvi was being taken by him to Paini Sahib, but the priceless blessings have opened where I now sit”…whoever heard this valuable secret from the Guru’s baani, might have understood the meaning of it, but it’s worth was probably not allowed to be revealed. (the book of Naamdharies called ‘Dwadash Purukh’ has the reference of this episode).

Blessings of the Twelfth Guru – Satguru Ram Singh Ji went to the Holla mohalla celebration in Shri Anantpur Sahib, in the year 1867, after almost 4 years of house arrest by the Britishers. Then he celebrated diwali in Shri Amritasar. After this he went to Sialkot and Dadabh for a visit. He then also went to Ghalotian where Damdama sahib is built, and there he rested for a few days, to proceed to the holy place of Guruchakk. As he was resting at Guruchakk, Baba Thakur Singh (grandfather of Sant Bhagt Singh and Gurdayal Singh Ji, Mandi wale) came to meet Satgur Ram Singh Ji along with his brother’s wife Luxmi Devi, from Kila Suba Singh. He pleaded Satguruji to bless Lal Radhe Shah and his wife Luxmi Devi with a son, as they already had seven girl childs. In his eternal bliss Satguruji blessed the couple with the words “that a big saint will take birth as their son, be it be my own self”

The Story Behind - In 1869 the biggest festival of Naamdhari Sikhs, Holla Mohalla was being celebrated in the town of Maanawale, for the first time, outside the domain of Guru Dwaras. Satgur Ram Singh Ji visited this place to bless the occasion. Thereafter he proceeded to the town of Kila Suba Singh. He agreed to the request of Shah Radhe Shah, who was the most prominent person of the town, to have meals at his place. On this occasion Lal Radhe Shahji, brought all her seven daughters in the presence of Satguruji, and asked them to seek his blessings. Realising the silent prayers of Lal Radhe Shahji, to bless him with a son, Satguru ji, blessed the girls with a brother like Guru Nanak Devji, Himself. He also advised the girls to give respect to his hair. Thereafter, Satguruji, announced that till the time the Britishers do not take possession of him, the new chapter of history will not open.

After this divine proclamation the sad incident of 1872 happened, when 80 Naamdhari Sikhs were sentenced to death as they had killed the butchers of the slaughter houses of cows, in Malerkotla and Amritsar. In the same year on 18th of Jan. Satguruji was covered with a black cloth by the Britishers and was taken away to unknown land. All the sikh community was drowned in great sorrow. Lal Radhe Shah’s entire family was grief stricken, but Baba Thakur Singh Ji consoled them by saying that the Satguru’s words cannot go unfulfilled. They will come true with time. Soon after a son was born to them who was called Hakam Singh. As he grew into a child of few years, it became evident that he was abnormal and was not at all mentally sharp. The family was soon gripped with sorrow. At that time Satguruji was imprisoned in Rangoon, from where he used to send his discourses to the Naamdhari Sikhs, via letters.

In 1875, Baba Thakur Singh Ji , in his meditation, saw Satguruji, coming with scores of his disciples, all singing and chanting the lord’s glory. He saw, Brahman, Vishnu and Mahesh and many Rishi Munies, shower flowers on this troop. He also saw Guru Nanak Devji’s various avtaars, all showering their blessings on the Satguru and his troop of disciples. In his transcendental state Baba Thakur Singh Ji fell at the feet of Satgur Ram Singh Ji, and with tears in his eyes, asked, where he had gone. To this, the Satguru replied, that I am now going to appear in Kila. After this Baba Thakur Singh ji saw the Satguru and his troop go into house of Lal Radhe Shah.

Witnessing this divine act of his Guru, Baba Thakur Singh Ji ran amock in the streets of the Kila township. People had witnessed Baba Thakur Singh Ji many a times , going mad, singing the glories of, Satgur Ram Singh Ji, but this ecstasy was different. Lal Radhe Shah also got worried seeing this state of Baba Thakur Singh, and asked him the reason of this. To which he replied that “O brother, we have all been blessed, we have been chosen by the Satguru, he has bound us all in His love”. The whole town went into celebrations.

The Blessings of Satgur Ram Singh Ji Descends - It was a Sunday of the year 1877, when Lal Radhe Shah was again blessed with a boy child.

After 4 years of this boy’s birth his elder son Hakam Singh Ji died. Although Hakam Singh Ji was not developed mentally, but the boy had possessed tremendous strength which was proven, when he had caught hold of some thieves, which had broken into their house, and the thieves could not get themselves released from the clutches of the boy.

As Hazoor (the new child of Lal Radhe Shah) was born on the day of Eid, thus he was named Eida Singh, by his father. But his father could not enjoy much, the company of his son, and soon went to his heavenly abode, leaving the young Hazoor in the company of his grandfather Manne Shahji. As prophesized, Baba Malla Singh(from Gilli) came to the town of Kila, to be in the company of the young Hazoor, under the divine hukum. Baba Malla Singhji’s company impressed the young Hazoor so much that he also started remaining in the state of renunciation from a very young age.

In the meanwhile, Satgur Ramsinghji who was shifted from Rangoon to Mormayi jail in the year 1885, renounced his body. Just around the same time Hazoor Sahib was taken seriously ill. He became so ill that he left his body and lay lifeless in the lap of his mother. She was so full of remorse, that she cried inconsolably and called Satgur Ram Singh Ji a liar. Baba Malla Singhji was outside, witnessing all this, and went inside to the wailing mother, and told her that Satgur Ram Singh is truth himself and thus cannot be called a liar. He then bestowed the young Hazoor with the divine word, by whispering it in his ear. Young Hazoor Sahib came to life again. Baba Malla Singhji told Mata Luxmi Devi that it was his wish that who-so-ever saw his body would not need to pray for salvation, he who sees the Baba’s pious body would attain salvation from this world. But since now, his divinity has been passed on to the Young Hazoor, thus this wish will now come true via Hazoor Sahib. Saying this Baba Malla Singh Ji renounced his body to reside amongst the divinity of the almighty Lord.

As Hazoor Sahib was gifted with the divine words of Hari Naam, by Baba Malla Singh Ji, thus when his mother took him to the Gurudwara to pay obeisance, she rechristened his name from Eida Singh Ji to Harnam Singh Ji. Hazoor Sahib then renounced all worldly desires to establish a new sect, which we now know as the Neeldhari sect.

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